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Please take the time to read through our safety disclaimer before your visit. You are also able to read this and sign your understanding on arrival. This provides some additional details you may be interested to know before booking.

Captain Cook Canoes Safety Disclaimer:


Canoeing and Kayaking is relatively simple to learn, and a wonderful way in which to enjoy the river. However, your safety on the river is our upmost priority. 


The upper reaches of the River Waveney can flow at a similar speed to a brisk walking pace, depending on various factors such as the current and wind speed. At the river edges the velocity tends to be weaker. 


Prior to your trip we will provide you a briefing about the river itself, the current and some advice on the best direction of travel allowing for certain circumstances (wind etc) in the time available to you for hire of your chosen watercraft. Most importantly, we will ensure that you are confident in handling the craft before we let you go. 


However, customers should be aware that the River Waveney is not a boating lake and that considerable effort, at times, is required to travel against the wind and current. An adult on their own in a Canadian Canoe with small children, for example, can find it extremely hard work without the help of another adult. 


Furthering this, there may be underwater or overwater obstructions (for example branches and occasionally trees etc.) as well as deeply weeded areas which are unsuitable for wild swimming. Please make yourself aware of this before considering swimming in the river.


Some important rules:


  • Buoyancy aids/life jackets (provided) must be worn at all times by all customers, including in the case of swimming in the river.

  • We reserve the right to postpone canoe and kayak hire if we feel the conditions are unsuitable.

  • We will not hire craft to under 14s unless accompanied by an adult in the party.

  • Children under the age of 6 years are not allowed on the river in our canoes or kayaks.

  • We do not allow non swimmers on to the water in our craft – all participants must be competent swimmers

  • You are responsible for your own safety and accept all personal liability and risk at all times, including swimming in the river.

  • You will never use the equipment when the river is on a flood stream.

  • You have noted the point of life rings and safety ropes.

  • Ensure that you keep clear of sluices, weirs and concrete structures at all times.

  • We have a strict zero-tolerance policy to drugs and alcohol consumption.

  • You are responsible for looking after the equipment provided to you.

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